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PURE Costa Rica

Made is passionate for the Community Based & Rural Tourism and knows every single dirty road along Costa Rica. Specialized in Product, she not only knows the highlights but also every Fairtrade – Rural Tourism Project. When she is not sharing with these communities, she is taking care of her plants at her family farm up at the mountains.

About PURE

Pure Central America is the only regional DMC, with one key agency in each country of Central America, and has been set up to provide a seamless regional “one-stop-shop” service to the travel trade. For couples or small groups travelling to one or more countries in the region, the common standards and high level of communication and organisational skills will set us apart from other travel providers in the region. We operate with one key agency in each country, all of whom follow the same codes of operational and standardization practices. Each agency has an in depth understanding of their own country and the most optimal tourism experiences and accommodations gained through personal knowledge..

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