October 12th, 2020

El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama have been awarded with the Safe Travel Stamp by the World Travel & Tourism Council.




Last week, El Salvador joined the list of countries to receive the Travel Safe Stamp in the region along with Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama, countries that have qualified as safe destinations to travel to under the new normal. The WTTC has awarded the countries after reviewing the biosecurity protocols created by each Tourism Board for safety reopenings and is looking to regain the confidence of travelers.

All countries in Central America are already open for international traveling, lastly joined by Panama today, and the new standards and protocols are meeting the requirements asked by WHO, CDC and WTO. Take a look at the requirements to enter each country here: Protocols to enter Central America

Among the updates of the region, the US State Department has improved travel advisory for 4 countries in Central America which are: Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua from level 4: "Do not travel" to level 3: "Reconsider travel" thanks to their recognized strategy handling the spread of the pandemic. Source: Travel.State.Gov

Costa Rica is steadily increasing the number of flights and routes available in which direct flights from Europe can be found, check the latest list of flights and dates for all countries in the following article: Central America re-opening flights routes and dates.


Besides the progress acomplished in the health and safety areas mentioned above, countries like Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua are being recognized as emerging destinations to be included on everyone's list as the following articles by media like the Telegraph describe so vividly:

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