Try to imagine what Christopher Columbus first saw when he reached the America's coasts and Osa Peninsula is probably the closest you’ll ever get. Oceanside jungle so dense and diverse that it houses 3% of the entire planet’s biodiversity.

Put your expedition gear on and enjoy one of the world’s most stunning tropical regions. Navigate across lush mangroves that slowly open up to the ocean and give you and idea of the vastness of the Pacifc. Reach the remote and mysterious turquoise waters of Isla del Caño for some of the best diving and snorkeling in Costa Rica. Don’t leave without hiking through the unbelievably dense jungle of Corcovado in search for some of the most magical species of plants and animals. 


What to do while in Osa Peninsula? 


Pin1Corcovado tour - Sirena Station: The Sirena Ranger Station is located in the deep, biologically intense center of Corcovado National Park. It takes about an hour and half to reach it by boat from Drake Bay. 

Hiking around this area gives you a sense of the power and beauty of what the tropics are capable of when allowed to grow with barely any human intervention. This place is the real deal and an absolute must if you ask us!

Pin1Caño Island diving and snorkeling adventure: Hop on a boat and follow the horizon until you reach this small island in the middle of nowhere.  Believed to be sacred burial grounds for our ancestors, this beautiful and lush spot is considered one of the best diving and snorkeling areas in the world.  A real adventure for anyone feeling the need to explore the deep, wild tropics, you will have the chance to see some critically endangered wildlife including humpback whales (while on season), rough-toothed and spotted dolphins and Bryde’s whales.

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