Panama: Be amazed by Mount totumas

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Mount Totumas Cloud Forest is located in far Western Panama in the province of Chiriqui, bordering La Amistad National Park, which is home to an important array of terrestrial species. While you hike through Mount Totumas you will witness apex predators like the Jaguar and Puma along with 3 species of monkeys and some of the most sought- after charismatic bird species and the botanical wonders who call the cloud forest their home. 




Highest Eco Lodge in Panama

The resort is at 6300 feet (1900m) and offers the opportunity to unplug from the digital malaise an offer an island or refuge for guests looking to reconnect spiritually to the natural world. The resort is powered with renewable energy from a micro hydro power station. It also boasts a restaurant which provides meals but thanks to its food production Project guest can prepare their own meals with fresh organic products.

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