Costa Rica: Discover Tenorio Volcano National Park



Located in northern Costa Rica, the Tenorio Volcano National Park is one of the country's youngest in Costa Rica. This national park boasts stunning river views and plenty of opportunities for wildlife adventures. Tenorio National Park is considered one of Costa Rica's best kept secrets, as well as one of the best places for hikers who love to trek alongside the stunningly beautiful Rio Celeste. The river, is an amazing shade of blue because of the sulfur that is emitted by the volcanic activity in the park !





A dream lodging choice in the area: Sueño Celeste Lodge

This small and cute eco-lodge is built on 3 acres of partially reforested property with trails, where you can see small mammals and some of the 490 species of birds that inhabit in the area. Meaning ‘Sky Blue Dream’ in English, its owners do all they can to support the sustainability tourism at the area.

The hotel is located at area Bijagua /Upala, Tenorio and Miravalles that belong to the Water and Peace Biosphere Reserve, declared World Heritage by the UNESCO in September 2007 and is now in the top 28 in the world for its efforts against the climate change. Definitely a place for nature lovers!

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