Honduras: Amazing Celaque National Park  

Located Just 7.5 km west from Gracias is a truly impressive mountain range, which is home of the highest peak in Honduras: Cerro Las Minas. The park also hosts one of the largest and best-preserved cloud-forest areas in Honduras. Celaque means Box of water, and this explanation is perfect.  This forested mountain provides all the surrounding communities with fresh mountain water! Also, because of its range of elevation the park it is home to thousands of different flora and fauna species. Definitely a “must hike” mountain in Honduras!


Spend your night at Guancascos Hotel

Guancascos is where travelers meet while in Gracias. They provide the link between the local rural community and the responsible tourist and your gateway to Celaque National Park. This is the  first hotel in Honduras awarded with an international certificate in sustainable tourism provided by Rainforest Alliance, that guarantees they operate responsibly towards its guests, employees, the community, and environment.  In Guancascos there are nature hikes along rivers and streams, leading to an amazing viewpoint in the mountain.


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