Guatemala: Exploring Yaxha Archaeological site

Yaxha is an archaeological site and ancient ceremonial center of Mayan civilization situated in the north-east of the Peten region.  Located approximately 30km southeast of Tikal and 75km from Flores. Yaxha translates to “emerald green water”, and it’s is because this important ceremonial center is located between the lagoons of Yaxha and Sacnab.  This site with over 500 structures and the abundant jungle flora and fauna all make it particularly worth visiting.

Glamping at Yaxha

The best way to appreciate the site in its fullest form, is to camp on one of five of the newly constructed palm-thatch platforms in the park. Spending the night in a Maya archaeological site, will give you the time to escape the modern world and enjoy history of this ancient civilization, which is located in the heart of the jungle wilderness, at a private tented accommodation and  which allows you to wake up to the sounds of toucans and howler monkeys.   

GUA2GUA1Yaxha Sunset3


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