Belize: The Unexplored Toledo District

BEL2The Toledo district is filled with rich, dense forest containing lots of hidden treasures. Here you can find an exotic taste of Belizean Garifuna and Maya Cultures, giving to its visitors the opportunity to experience culturally immersed programs. Punta Gorda town is known to be the gateway of the Toledo district as it is surrounded with abundant visitor attractions.  Punta Gorda has a unique location allowing for both coastal and inland activities such as caving, fishing and visiting picture perfectislands located on the worlds’ second longest unbroken barrier reef.

 Stay in Copal Tree Lodge

Experience comfort and luxury in a jungle setting on the banks of the Rio Grande river at Copal Tree. Wake up to the soothing sound of birds singing and enjoy the breath-taking views of the river, the rainforest and the Caribbean Sea over the horizon. The lodge offers its guest many onsite activities from culinary classes, self-guided trails on the property to canoeing and enjoying the peaceful nature and wildlife that call the banks of the river its home. Their attentive staff offer personalized service and attention to detail.


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