Don't skip Central America and its traditions for the holidays! 

Central America offers wonderful countrie with authentic traditions that will leave you enchanted! 

You can join a multy country tour, from north to south visiting the most amazing of Central America, or choose one or two of your preference and own pace. 


In Guatemela, The Holy Week is a very important week full of traditions all over  the country. People make a homage to Jesus with images in Processions, telling the story of its "Via Crusis"(The Path of the Cross). One of the most popular places to visit in this week is Antigua. Every day is a different procession around the streets.

Many people participate in this Holy week, some of them are working on the elaboration of sawdust carpets, making like and art exposition all around the streets, and other group of people goes with the processions, to have the honor to go carrying the processions they buy a number many months before some of this numbers are traditions in the families started since the first generation and still to go through other generations, and other groups are just around the streets enjoying this beautiful traditions.

This Holy week started on Wednesday until Sunday, ended with the Easter day.

Like this is an important week in Antigua, the hotels and everything is full, you need to plan this vacations many months before so you can have the most amazing experiences and  comfortable vacations

How to visit Antigua During Semana Santa in 2016

This Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala everything is full, so for more comfort to not get in traffic you can stay in Guatemala City and travel to Antigua in Helicopter like one day tour to live all this experiences in there and enjoy all this traditions.

And you can also travel to other places in Guatemala in one day tours such as Atitlan Lake. Another advantage of travel in helicopter in one day tours is that you are going to enjoy a beautiful view of the volcanoes, lakes, mountains and many other things.

Guatemala for the holidays


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The Holy Week is celebrated throug the whole country. It begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday. On these dates, people gather to commemorate the holy time in different parishes, especially on Good Friday where creativity and religious fervor combine to create beautiful and colorful carpets made of salt or flowers.

The processions that take place these days are one of the most typical in El Salvador. Paradoxically, Sonsonate and Izalco are places with a wide indigenous tradition, where the Spaniards had an arduous task of subjection to religion and where our Indians could work with both religions at the same time. During these celebrations, which are very rich in details you can get to see some indigenous priest or "shaman", also known as "witches" and witness the rites that are preserved in time.

Visit Sonsonate or Izalco and you will know part of our indigenous past, and at the same time you will appreciate the carpets made with different materials such as flowers, sawdust and colored salt, a "must seen" in your visit during the holy week. 

But if you prefer, you can join the locals and climb the mountain or go sunbathing on the beloved beaches of El Salvador, which are highly acclaimed by everyone for those days of summer heat. 


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 During the Holy Week, a singular experience takes place at the Granada Islets located in the vast freshwater sea, Lake Cocibolca. Many visitors and locals commemorate the Path of the Cross by boat, presenting the image of Jesus while people are sailing around the small islands and completing the 14 stations representing specific events of Jesus's last day on earth. 

Some of the boats are decorated with flowers, fruits, and vegetables, given as offerings from devotees. This tradition has been celebrated for 36 years and nowhere else in the world is commemorated in the same way as in Nicaragua.  This year the Stations of the Cross will take place on March 26.

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